Quotes / Zitate · 15. November 2021
Zitat-Karte des Monats November 2021
A PAINTER & A PUG #my.lovely.mops
Quotes / Zitate · 19. Oktober 2021
Zitat-Karte des Monats Oktober 2021
A PAINTER & A PUG #my.lovely.mops
Quotes / Zitate · 10. September 2021
A PAINTER & A PUG #my.lovely.mops
News · 28. August 2021
This is a detail of the painting "See all Things with love" It´s part of a series of pastell drawings.
News · 24. August 2021
For me as a painter, freedom and life balance are important concepts. The freedom to shape my day the way I want means a lot to me. And the freedom to paint wherever I want. That's why, since Corona, I only paint small formats, which are much more practical to have with you when you're on the road and sometimes stay somewhere else. So you always have your studio with you in a painting case, so to speak. I find life balance and relaxation through walks with my pug, reading and fitness....
Quotes / Zitate · 07. August 2021
Zitat-Karte des Monats August 2021
A PAINTER & A PUG #my.lovely.mops
An Artist´s Life · 26. Juli 2021
My future book
Yes, I hopefully will have my own book soon. It started with an idea some months ago to create a unique book with my pug paintings in it. It will be telling the story of the indian gir Kamal and her friends.
News · 23. Juli 2021
My lovely Palette
For my mini pug paintings of the series "my.lovely.mops" I use a reduced palette with bright acrylic colours and pastell pencils. As in spring and summer the flowers are surrounded with the light.
News · 15. Juli 2021
The hidden Tamara
Today I did a spontaneous installation at my artist studio. It´s an hommage to the already deceased Tamara de Lempicka! She was and still is one of my role models as Art Déco painter who influenced mainly my poetry painting style, which I developed through years of autodidactic study of old masters.
Quotes / Zitate · 14. Juli 2021
Zitat-Karte des Monats Juli 2021
So if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away, new has become. 2 Corinthians 5:17

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